Roy Clingman Joins Servato as VP of Business Development

In case you missed it, Servato made a big announcement before the 4th of July. We added Roy Clingman, formerly of Vertiv, as our VP of Business Development. You can read the full press release below. Welcome aboard Roy!


NEW ORLEANS--()--Servato Corp., a leading provider of power management solutions, today announced the hiring of Roy Clingman to lead its Business Development efforts. Clingman most recently was VP of Sales at Vertiv, where he held a number of different leadership roles in Vertiv’s sales organization including senior account responsibility for AT&T, the Cable TV segment, and North American OEM sales.


UTC 2019 Telecom and Technology Showcase

Servato will exhibit at the Utilities Technology Council this week with Solaris Power Systems in booth #650. We are proud to exhibit alongside a group that has experience with every phase of backup power:

If you are interested in setting up a meeting with Roy Clingman of Servato or Joe Clews of Solaris then contact Servato at  or We look forward to meeting many of you ver soon! If you want to learn more about what we are doing at Servato, you can find online material here.


Wichita Lineman



The Father of The Lead-Acid Battery



Engine Interviews Brandon Davenport

During New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, Business Development Manager, Brandon Davenport, had the opportunity to be interviewed by Graham Klemme atEngine | Advocacy & Foundation. StartupsEverywhere is a campaign celebrating the diverse, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems that are popping up in overlooked parts of the country. Thank you for taking the time to help shed some light on rural broadband, who Servato is, and why we gravitate to this underserved market!


Servato Issued New Patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Servato our latest patent on the Company's proprietary Adaptive Charging methodology. It is a newly issued patent that is a continuation of one of the company’s earlier patents in its battery management patent portfolio. The new claims broaden the scope of protection afforded by the company’s battery management patent portfolio for its novel battery charging system. Servato now has four patents issued and one pending patent application in this technology area.


Out To Lunch

Network engineers use urban America as the canvas for what makes efficient and inclusive design. This lucrative market reaps rewards due to the dense concentration of subscribers in one area. Rural America often gets overlooked in this equation. In the 3/28 episode of Out To Lunch, Tulane professor Peter Ricchiuti interviews President and CEO of Servato, Chris Mangum, alongside another guest. That guest is Carol Morse and founded Acalli Chocolate in New Orleans. This episode titles Recharging and covers some of the challenges of each organization such as rural versus urban network design, as well as, how these reputable founders came to the venture and what the future holds.


Entrepreneurial Company of the Year - Official Press Release

Servato's product line successfully addresses the demand for effective automation and remote control of battery management solutions


2018 - The Year Broken Down by Month

The year of evolution came to a close last week for the Servato team. The team traveled thousands of miles spreading the message of managed DC power, developed multiple new products, announced customers and partnerships that invest in hardening the networks in their communities, and spoke at conferences across the country including ISE EXPO in Denver, CO.


Frost and Sullivan Announces 2018 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

Today Servato and analyst firm Frost & Sullivan announced that Servato is named the 2018 Company of the Year in the Energy Storage Industry.

The selection of this award is derived from primary market analysis and in-depth interviews conducted by the Frost & Sullivan industry analyst team. The Company of the Year Award selection process is based on excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership. Specifically, superior performance in three key areas — demand generation, brand development, and competitive positioning — play a crucial role when selecting the Company of the Year.

Frost and Sullivan:

While the current focus of the industry is on battery monitoring and how to keep batteries working safely and reliably. Servato has brought a new dimension to the market with a shift from passive battery monitoring to proactive battery management. The company uses a unique, patented methodology (Adaptive Charging) for measuring and charging batteries compared to older technology of float charging batteries. Adaptive charging extends battery life by only charging the battery when it needs to be charged and otherwise resting it. Continuous charging for batteries to keep them at a 100% state of charge has negative consequences, as it accelerates battery failure due to increased temperature, grid corrosion, plate degradation, and dry out. This leads to high replacement costs. Servato introduced Adaptive Charging to remove these harmful mechanisms and charges batteries only when necessary and for as long as necessary to maintain a full charge. Introduced by Servato, adaptive charging “virtually disconnects” standby batteries from continuous charging using a proprietary switch design that allows the batteries to rest yet still be immediately available for discharge when needed.

Some of the benefits of adaptive charging include:

  • Battery isolation
  • Highly accurate “rested” state of health measurements
  • Improved useful battery life
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced gassing, grid corrosion, and positive plate softening
  • Daily battery maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Daily monitoring
  • Web-based dashboard and alerting
  • Proactive trend analysis
  • Scalable monitoring program
  • Safety and community relations
  • Service reliability and availability
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Reduced cost

Servato has entered into a commercial relationship with ABB (formerly GE Power) to introduce the first unified rectifier and battery management solutions. It integrates the functionality of Servato’s SPS-248 battery management system with ABB’s rectifier modules. This solution is targeted towards fixed and wireless carriers as it gives them the rectifier that they need to power their telecom equipment with a remote battery management system as added value. This is the first of its kind unified rectifier power and battery management solution.

Servato is taking remote power management to the next level to offer the combined value of battery management systems with a highly power efficient rectifier solution from ABB. Servato believes this solution will allow customers to more easily and economically upgrade backup power management infrastructure that is continuing to decay as it is ignored and not enhanced.

As per Chris Mangum, CEO of Servato, this is the next evolution in smart rectifiers. The company’s battery management solutions have always been IoT-enabled, giving carriers the ability to monitor and maintain not only batteries and rectifiers but other systems (generators, hard contact alarms) remotely to save on costly manual intervention. This is the future now and demonstrates how two important components of a carriers’ power infrastructure have been combined to offer unprecedented value.

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