Servato Introduces the SPS-R™: The First Unified Rectifier and Battery Management Solution

NEW ORLEANS and DENVER – August 14, 2018 – Servato Corp., a leading provider of energy management solutions, announced here today at ISE EXPO the latest solution in its Smart Power System solutions suite that offers the latest in remote battery management.  The SPS-Rtm is the first of its kind unified rectifier power and battery manage solution. It integrates the functionality of Servato’s industry leading SPS-248 battery management system with GE’s Rectifier Modules.

Servato is taking remote power management to the next level to offer the combined value of battery management systems with a highly power efficient rectifier solution from GE.  The SPS-R is the most economical way for fixed and wireless carriers to buy the rectifier they need with remote battery management as added value. Servato believes this solution will allow customers to more easily and economically upgrade backup power management infrastructure that is continuing to decay as it is neglected and not improved.

“We believe this is the next evolution in smart rectifiers,” said Chris Mangum, CEO of Servato.  “Our battery management solutions have always been IoT-enabled, giving carriers the ability to monitor and maintain systems remotely to save on costly manual intervention.  Now, we are doing it for both back-up power, battery management, and rectifier solutions. This is the future now and demonstrates how two important components of a carriers’ power infrastructure have been combined to offer unprecedented value.”

According to Mangum, the feedback from early customer testing is that this next generation smart rectifier will quicken adoption of power management and maintenance because it is built into the rectifier that is necessary for system power. It becomes an easy decision for operators as they replace rectifiers.

“Companies trialing the SPS-R are telling us that this makes the decision to upgrade to remote power management easier because it is built into the rectifier shelf which they have to replace every 5-7 years” he said. “We feel this will accelerate adoption and greater acceptance in the market.”

There are three elements to the SPS-R solution:

  • SPS-248 functionality – Introduced in late 2017 as an upgrade to Servato’s SPS-148, the SPS-248 provides battery management, testing, and data.  It eliminates the need for time-consuming and inaccurate manual testing and provides real-time data from sites, including temperature data and other environmental risk factors.  It goes beyond simple tests – automatically conduct load tests and gather more accurate off-charge data. With its adaptive charging methodology, it doubles the life of the batteries.  And, it allows customers to manage resources effectively during outages.
  • Active Battery Management Software – Easy to use Actiview® dashboard simplifies battery issues for technicians so they can remotely diagnose and correct issues without sending a technician onsite. Predictive analytics based on over 90 million hours of batter data help predict battery failure 30-60 days in advance before causing network outage or ruins other batteries in a string. Actiview can be seamlessly integrated into a NOC.
  • GE Rectifiers – Best in class 1200/2000-watt GE OEM power supply modules with the SPS-R seamlessly integrated within the rectifier for ease of use. All 10 GMT fuses, breakers, power modules, and SPS module are located on the front panel for easy accessibility.

According to Mangum, the SPS-R is being showcased at ISE EXPO with demonstrations for potential customers at the Servato booth number 619.  The system will be generally available on 1/1/2019.

“This is clearly a huge step in the evolution of improving the way we manage, monitor and maintain backup solutions which are so critical to our telecommunications infrastructure,” he said.  “This simple solution will have a big impact on improving our overall infrastructure and ensuring landline and wireless connectivity when outages due to catastrophic events occur.”

About Servato

Headquartered in New Orleans, La., Servato is a leading provider of active battery management solutions to telecom, power, transportation, and solar companies. Servato’s solutions allow leading companies and infrastructure operators to reduce CapEx and OpEx by extending battery life, reducing maintenance costs and streamlining operations. Utilizing highly accurate data, proprietary algorithms, adaptive charging and cloud-based visualization software, Servato provides unprecedented insight and control over distributed DC power assets in industrial settings. To learn more, please visit:


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Business Development Manager

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Valley Telephone Hardens Network

WILLCOX, AZ and NEW ORLEANS, LA – August 6th, 2018 – Servato, leading provider of active battery management solutions to telecom, power, transportation, and solar companies, announced today that Valley Telephone of Willcox, AZ will be joining other service providers currently deploying Servato’s battery management systems across the country.


Over the course of the coming year, Valley will retrofit existing sites and add new sites with Servato’s patented service assurance technologies enabling Valley Telephone to deliver uninterrupted services to their customers. Servato plans to expand its management & monitoring services to include other key site infrastructure components. Valley’s investment in the network using Servato’s technology will serve as the foundation for an even more reliable network especially during power outages in Arizona and New Mexico where distance to and between sites can delay restoration of service.


Valley Telephone Cooperative was founded in 1962 after the underserved population of rural southeastern Arizona and southeastern New Mexico banded together to create a new service offering. The remaining century brought new opportunities for Valley to serve the people in surrounding regions by initially offering landline voice services and now additionally providing enhanced High-Speed Internet and business services. Now fifty-six years after establishment, Valley continues to impress its communities by ensuring reliability for over 7,000 rural customers.


Today, twenty rural communities have connectivity through Valley Telephone Cooperative. These small communities now have similar opportunities to those in urbanized areas because of the commitment to serve a customer despite the rural landscape. Valley’s sprawling network is a challenge to maintain; however, their forward-thinking investment in Servato’s data platform streamlines it all.


“As a customer myself, I’m looking forward to the improved reliability that Servato products are bringing to our infrastructure. And as an employee I’m proud of how we look to the future to constantly improve and upgrade the services we provide our customers.” Heath Bowen – Network Manager.


Network Operators can have confidence with Servato installed. The backup batteries will provide expected backup power when required, especially during unpredictable, inclement weather. Streamlining recovery efforts, doubling battery life, remotely managing and monitoring battery health, and predicting rectifier and battery failures has empowered providers across the country to provide enhanced reliable services to their customers. The majority of the remote carriers have been commissioned into service already with anticipation of the remainder of the project being complete by 2019.


About Valley Telephone Cooperative

Valley Telephone Cooperative serves communities in southern Arizona and New Mexico, providing phone and internet services. The company has stayed true to their core principles of service, community, and innovation for over 50 years. Learn more at to see how local businesses and residents utilize Valley services.


About Servato

Headquartered in New Orleans, La., Servato is a leading provider of active battery management solutions to telecom, power, transportation, and solar companies. Servato’s solutions allow leading companies and infrastructure operators to reduce CapEx and OpEx by extending battery life, reducing maintenance costs and streamlining operations. To learn more, please visit:



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Servato Corp.

Brandon Davenport

Business Development Analyst

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Power Product Services Engineers Smarter DC Power Plants

AURORA, Colo. & NEW ORLEANS--()--Power Product Services (“PPS”) serves customers from Phoenix to North Dakota, encompassing a large portion of America’s rural landscape. In this environment, “Always on” can be a tough standard to maintain. This is why PPS has chosen to design smarter power systems that incorporate remote management, predictive analytics, and overall quality. Since 1991, the PPS brand has represented a holistic approach to power system design and continuous innovation. PPS’ arsenal now includes Servato’s ability to expand battery life and streamline maintenance.

PPS serves customers with a variety of nodes, backup power requirements, and communication needs. One constant among their rural customers, however, is long expanses of network requiring significant windshield time to monitor and maintain. “We recognized a burning need for our customers to have greater insight into their widely distributed power assets, and our relationship with Servato has fulfilled that. Predictive analytics and adaptive charging of the batteries now allows our customers to know when a battery will fail 90-120 days before it does. And that’s on top of the battery life extension benefits.” – Kevin Patrick, National Sales Manager

Power Product Services will design and implement hundreds of original DC power plants this year with Servato hardware sending battery and site data into the cloud. Retrofits will also be executed where customer battery testing can now be replaced with Servato’s real-time analytics. The PPS and Servato partnership is poised to bring a committed team of power experts that are always available to help from routine maintenance to outage scenarios.

About Power Product Services

PPS is a major service provider of DC Power, Tower Installation, CAT 5/6, Fiber Optic installation, testing and service. Whether your needs are in Phoenix metro or rural North Dakota, we provide dependable and reliable service. Contact one of our qualified sales personnel for details on our certified IEEE preventative maintenance plans, a quotation or a free DC power evaluation.

Learn more at

About Servato

Headquartered in New Orleans, La., Servato is a leading provider of active battery management solutions to telecom, power, transportation, and solar companies. Servato’s solutions allow leading companies and infrastructure operators to reduce CapEx and OpEx by extending battery life, reducing maintenance costs and streamlining operations. To learn more, please visit:



The Frontier Conference: Telecom and Power

New Orleans, LA                                                                                                                                       1:30  on  4/13/2018


ICA Annual Meeting and Expo

This week is the annual Meeting and Expo of the Iowa Communications Alliance. Servato will be exhibiting with our great partners, Tel Rep Marketing, and we're excited to announce that Business Development Manager Alex Rawitz will be participating in a panel on Disaster Recovery and preparedness.  Come learn why backup power power maintenance is easy to automate and improve.


New Lisbon Telephone Invests in Network Reliability

NLTC Chooses Servato’s Battery Management Technology, Providing the Company and its Customers Peace of Mind with regards to Network Power.

NEW LISBON, IN and NEW ORLEANS, LA – February 26, 2018 – In its continuous efforts to ensure high quality, reliable service to its thousands of customers in Eastern Indiana, New Lisbon Telephone has deployed Servato’s battery management solution throughout its network.


Power and Telecom: A Relationship on the Brink 

In this three-part article series, Andrew Burger of Energy Central outlines the systematic risk that an increasingly unreliable energy grid poses to the telecom industry and the way Americans communicate, do business, and protect against crises. Andrew speaks with Servato CEO Chris Mangum on the subject:


Here at the PEC Showcase in Little Rock!

The first Tradeshow/Expo on Servato's calendar, and we are attending with our great partners, ProCom Sales. Stop by their booth to learn more about protecting backup batteries and improving network resiliency.


Two Shows, One Week - MATSS and KTA-TTA 2017

In less than two weeks Servato representatives will attend both the Mid-America Telecom Showcase & Seminar (MATSS) and the Kentucky Telecom Association (KTA) and Tennessee Telecom Association's (TTA) joint Fall Conference & Supplier Showcase. 


TASC 2017 Hosted by NCAEC - August 16-18

Servato is attending NCAEC's 2017 Tech Assessment and Strategy for Co-ops Conference

The North Carolina Association of Electrical Cooperatives (NCAEC) serves the needs of their 26 member cooperatives. The focuse of the TASC confernce is to provide members access to the latest education and vendors that can have an impact on security, reliability, and service.

At the Servato booth attendees will be able to learn:

  • What remote management looks like and how it leads to improved reliability and cost savings.
  • Case studies that demonstrate the value of battery management.
  • Efficiencies that can be gained from automation.

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Backup Batteries are almost always out of site and out of mind. Most engineers and managers try to spend as little time as possible working on them in order to spend more time delivering better service. But when battery issues are a problem, frustration ensues. 


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