Energy Storage on NPR!

Will Batteries Revolutionize how Power is Produced and Used? NPR Explains...

The segment above, aired on August 3, covered energy storage on NPR and was reported with Inside Energy, a public media collaboration focusing on America's energy issues. It describes the promise of energy storage as a means to unlocking new forms of energy generation.

Leigh Patterson from Wyoming Public Radio reports on the growing interest in utility scale grid storage and a couple in Wyoming who is using solar panels and batteries to live off the grid. One conclusion: costs are falling rapidly, but still high, especially with maintenance and necessary battery replacements.

The report emphasizes that while there is a lot of interest in energy storage particularly for grid infrastructure, it’s unclear how long it will be before the technology is economical. Analysts may disagree, but we believe that costs will continue to drop and it’s only a matter of time before energy storage as profound effects on our economy.

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