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Key Takeaways from a Seminar on Data Productivity

At ISE Expo in Denver last Thursday, Servato's very own Chris Mangum spoke with a room of people on how data empowers carriers to become more actionable, particularly technicians. Later that day Tech Talk panelist, Ken Paker of TDS, spoke about a similar topic that highlighted how internal processes and teams can be made more efficient. More intelligent decisions for network reliability are becoming ubiquitous as data accumulation has made the most niche problems now more efficient.


The Frontier Conference: Telecom and Power

New Orleans, LA                                                                                                                                       1:30  on  4/13/2018


Power and Telecom: A Relationship on the Brink 

In this three-part article series, Andrew Burger of Energy Central outlines the systematic risk that an increasingly unreliable energy grid poses to the telecom industry and the way Americans communicate, do business, and protect against crises. Andrew speaks with Servato CEO Chris Mangum on the subject:


Saving Money on Cooling with Better Battery Management

This article was originally published on July 30, 2017 on Battery Power Online. To see the original article, click here.

Lead-acid batteries are the workhorse battery of standby power. Safe, reliable, and cheap, they dominate industries like telecom and utilities where backup batteries are essential in maintaining uninterrupted operations. Today, tens of millions of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries are in use at millions of sites across the country.Managing these batteries is not easy for the companies that buy them. Most of the time, the sites where these DC power systems are deployed are unmanned and remote. These deployment sites include remote broadband locations, railroad switching stations, or some other type of site where there is a durable cabinet housing industry equipment and the DC power system. In these cases, batteries are subjected to the elements: oppressive heat during the summer, cold during the winter, dust and humidity, animals, and more. The robustness of VRLAs to withstand these factors make them such a great choice in these applications, but the environmental pressures will affect reliability and battery life.


What You can Learn from Servato's Presentation at the ICT Industry's Biggest Expo

In just two weeks the ICT industry will gather in Orlando for the biggest show of the year, ISE EXPO. Each year, ISE brings in telecom professionals from all 50 states and many countries for educational sessions and an exhibit hall with hundreds of vendors. 


Alex Rawitz joins Maker Bayou to Talk All About Batteries

This week Business Development Manager Alex Rawitz joined The Maker Bayou Radio Show, a weekly radio show and podcast where IDIYA Labs discusses the Maker Revolution, Science, Technology, Education, and other cool topics. This week's subject was Batteries, and the discussion covered the future of battery technology and what that will mean for our lives in a connected world. 

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.blubrry.com/makerbayou/23737209/maker-bayou-ep-10-all-about-batteries/


Servato Featured: AGL Magazine Product Showcase

In it's annual Backup Power issue, AGL Magazine features a product showcase of power systems and backup power technologies. Servato's SPS-148, a hardened battery management system (BMS) is one of the technologies featured. 


Meet Your Going-green Goals with Backup Power

Servato CEO Chris Mangum in AGL Magazine

AGL Magazine's annual Backup Power issue is out this May, and Servato CEO Chris Mangum has contributed a headline piece. In this article he describes how improving backup power is not just an opportunity to improve site reliability and prevent downtime, but also a great way to contribute to sustainability goals.

To read the full article in AGL Magazine, click here.


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