A Strong Winter Could Spell Trouble for Networks

The recent influx of cold weather patterns caused all 50 states to experience some level of snowfall this past week. La Niña, the Polar Jet Stream, typically brings drier, warmer weather to the majority of the southern continental states. However, several rounds of cold fronts caused the blanketing that now leaves about a quarter of the United States with snow. 


Advancements in Network Battery Analytics, Monitoring, Management, & Control

How Servato can Predict Battery Failure Months in Advance and Improve Reliability for Active Battery Management Customers:

If you knew that a battery was going to fail months in adavnce you could replace it before an outage exposed it. However, you would want to be sure that the battery was really on its way to failure instead of replacing a good battery, so how can you be sure?

  • Servato uses over five million hours of battery data to inform its predictive analytics.
  • Using patented technology to perform advanced tests automatically, Servato gathers battery data that other monitoring equipment cannot.

Check out a couple examples of Servato's predictive analytics:

Advances in Network Battery Analytics


New eBook from Servato! Adaptive Charging

Free eBook: Adaptive Charging Allows us to Double VRLA Battery Life

In August 2016 Servato Business Development Manager Alex Rawitz presented the principles of Adaptive Charging at the Battery Power conference in Denver, CO. 

The eBook, based on the presentation, describes: 

  • The shortcomings of continuous float charging
  • Principles of Adaptive Charging and how Servato's hardware and software administers this charging regimen in the field automatically
  • Case studies that demonstrate the power of Adaptive Charging to extend battery life, improve battery State-of-Health insight and reduce costs of maintenance.

Download the eBook


Case Study: Identifying Heat Issues with Servato's Temperature Probe


In this case study we take a look at how Servato's ability to monitor temperature and detect issues such as failed fans or heat exchangers can deliver critical insight about site equipment and help extend battery life. This particular example of a failed fan illustrates how manual maintenance may have failed this site. Only a monitoring solution with constant awareness could have alerted the customer about this heat issue. Greater site insight means greater network reliability. The case walks through:

  • Servato's Temperature Monitoring: How it Works 
  • The Site: General Overview of the Case and Site
  • The Temperature Data: How ActiView was Quickly Able to Reveal Unusual Temperature Data 

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Backup Batteries are almost always out of site and out of mind. Most engineers and managers try to spend as little time as possible working on them in order to spend more time delivering better service. But when battery issues are a problem, frustration ensues. 


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